Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Good Read - Sewing & Body Confidence

I read an awesome article today on Brisbane Times website, it is all about how sewing your own clothes can improve your body confidence (go read it here).

I think this is the first time I've seen an article about sewing on a newspaper website! It is an interesting read, and great to hear some opinions from some fellow sewing bloggers.
I for one am pretty happy with my body shape, we've been together for a while now and it serves me well. Sure I do have my moments of "oh my god how did that end up there" but when you sew for yourself you do learn to know these things and embrace them because you sure cant change them.
Sewing has also made me appreciate what exactly goes into making garments. I can identify cheap fabric, poor construction or a bad silhouette now so I am alot more picky about what I buy or what I make. I now analyse every little thing about a garment if I am buying something, I have developed a set of guidelines for myself about the standards I expect. It can be so deflating so spend your hard earned cash on some beautiful fabric, then use it on an untried tricky pattern only to have turn out to be ill-fitting, not the right color or just not the right style.

I love the quote in the article from "Get My Stitch On" "The more I sew, the more I realise that size is just a line to cut out on a pattern. Without fit and flattery, size is meaningly." We sewing folk sure do share a wonderful tool in being able to create something that is personalised just the way you want it, no matter what shape or size you are. 

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