Sunday, 30 September 2012


I've been experimenting alot lately with photography. I would like to go a little more in depth with it so I can learn how to use my sweet little Panasonic Lumix, but in the mean time I'm just going with taking photos of what I like.



I couldn't resist the gorgeous colors created in these pictures. Isn't Mother Nature a clever lady!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Sewing for the other things in my life

With the weather warming up, I like to start lightening things up around me. Coral jeans, white t-shirts yes please! My couch also demands the same attention and seeing as it's the had the same cushions for 5 years I guess I cant blame it.

I really wanted a chevron fabric and too impatient to go looking for it so whipped out the fabric paint and created it myself.

I had some calico hanging around and I used painters tape to section off the areas I wanted to leave plain. I started off with some method for making the chevrons even then they kind of went out the window, I kind of like it's uneveness though. Here he is stuffed and on show together with his other new partner in crime.

I used this tutorial which was super easy and meant I didn't have to play around with zippers. Yay!

There are many more on the way, here are some others I made.

Such a quick and easy way to jazz up your living room. Now I'm looking into doing more printing on fabric, using lino cutting techniques which I found a great tutorial for here.

I'm all over Pinterest these days, what a time suck it is. I'm here in you would like to follow my pins.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Returning to normal programming

Whoops sorry for the long absence! Life's been busy but I have managed to do some sewing, this is my latest creation.

I've been itching for this one for a while so finally got myself organised enough to do it. The pattern is an oldie that I talked about previously but just perfect for what I wanted. I altered the neckline to be round instead of V and and left out the fancy racing stripes on the green version. 

The sewing of the whole thing was quite easy, the pleather proved to be a bit troublesome though and didn't want to go through my machine. So I put some swedish tracing paper over the seams and everybody was happy again. 

Fancy close up! I top-stitched the armhole seam just for effect. So another new thing I tackled in my sewing journey - raglan sleeves. Super duper easy things they are, I think I scare myself into thinking all these things are going to be so hard but most times they're not. Apart from binding, that's still my nemesis.

Now only if Brisneyland's weather would cool down just a smidge so I can actually wear it (me thinks that's not gonna happen).