Monday, 6 May 2013

Burda Sew Along - Planning

It sometimes seems like an eternity that I have been learning to sew, the good part is that I am learning all the time by challenging myself which helps advance my skills. But there's nothing like a bit of group support to spur you along and to learn even more techniques, so I've joined up for my first ever Sew Along which is being hosted over here.
Lucky for me my local libraries have a fairly good stash of Burda Magazines. Some of them have never even been touched so I have the lucky honor of removing the lovely pattern sheets at the back and trying to re-fold them to fit back into their little envelope, oh the joys.
I haven't really settled on what I want to make yet, being a typical Gemini I change my mind every 5 minutes so maybe having too much to choose from isn't such a great idea. Burda patterns seem to have either pretty basic to more flamboyant and difficult pattern with little in between. I want to be able to make items that I am going to wear. These are some ideas that I have come up with so far

Cascade Jacket from 08/2011 No. 117

Simple Blouse from 12/2012 No. 119

Two Tone Tunic from 12/2012 No. 150

Collarless Jacket from  04/2012 No. 121

Paper Pattern 7188

I can see all of them taking a hard earned place in my wardrobe, it's so hard to decide! Watch this space for updates (or additions!)

Saturday, 4 May 2013

The Black Zara Top

Lets face it, there is nothing more comfy than a knit top. I like comfy things and I like leather so why not combine the two.

This is one of the items I had on my Wardrobe Planning post back here. I love it, but it was not without it's troubles. I did use Burda 09/2012 Top No. 123, which has been quite popular around the traps. Fabric was a Japanese rayon knit blend from Spotlight, really nice fabric which I would use again. I didn't make up a muslin, I figured something made out of knit is pretty forgiving and shouldn't be too hard to get the right fit.

I made the pattern up based on the bust size, but those sides were super fitted so I re-drew to be a little wider. I also had a super amount of trouble with getting the neckline to fit properly. After inserting the leather shoulder panels the front neckline had quite a bit of drooping going on. I unpicked the panels and brought the front up some, re-sewed the neckline after hacking some off, re-attached the facing and it was still droopy. So I did what my impatient sewing brain told me to do, I cheated and put a pleat in the centre front to bring it all together. It worked, wasn't really what I wanted but it's quite a nice "design feature".

I used some left over pleather for the shoulder inserts, and followed my inspiration picture and ran some quilting lines on the panels. I think the weight of the pleather had something to do with the neckline drooping.

Then I was a smarty pants and thought all tops are made too long and proceeded to cut a few cm's off the hem and then realised it was too short. Lucky I kept it so the top has another design feature of a double hem with an added seam.

Even though with all the troubles, I still really like it. It ticks alot of boxes for me and something that can be zhooshed up or dressed down.