Sunday, 22 April 2012

Ahhh....finally some new clothes

I didnt realise how long it's been since I posted last. In between being trying not to annoy the crap out of everybody with the persistent cough I picked up from somewhere (not Woolies), I've been sewing up a mini hurricane. 

I took advantage of the Easter Break to make up top no. 4 from Drape Drape 2 book (available here from Tessuti Fabrics).

Tracing the pattern and cutting the fabric took the longest. This top literally has 2 seams and then the rest is hemming. Super super easy and super super comfy, made from a white & grey stripe Marc Jacobs knit which I spoke about in my last post. 

I love how it sits at the back and how the stripes twist around.

This is how it looks sitting on the hanger. The Drape Drape patterns are truly works of art, dont think they are all as easy as this one though.

Next up is a self drafted top. I wanted something that was fairly boxy, perfect to go with skinny jeans whenever the Brissy weather decides to get cool enough for me to wear them. 

I'm in love with the way it turned out, was super easy to draft and sew. This one will be a repeat performance for sure.

The fabric was another knit by Marc Jacobs from the Fabric Store (how do they get all this designer stuff?). Lovely and soft, the stripe is a very light pink. I also used my all new favourite binding for knits, I've tried the foldover technique with pretty poor outcome so I'm now going for the t-shirt band style. Comes out much better. I'm thinking about doing a mini tutorial for creating this top as I took heaps of photos along the way.

I paid another visit to the Fabric Store (can you tell by now I kinda love that place). Spotted some silk panels of this DKNY fabric, kind of a leopard print with pink a black stripes. Dont know what it's going to be yet.

What I really went to the Fabric Store for was to get some merino knits to make up some more tops or possibly a dress. First one is a gorgeous dark orange, it has a blend of lyrca and is so soft and drapey. I've never sewn with Merino before, I figure it's just another knit and I'm game to try anything once.

This one is a black & white stripe a blend of merino, tencel and lyrca. I think this is going to transform itself into a tunic dress, I have an old top from Country Road that is begging to be copied. Starting work on it this arvo super excitment!

Phew that was quite a catch up! I'm also participating in The Perfect Nose's One Cool Thing/One Strange Thing swap so I need to get my goodies packaged up and on their way to my swap partner. Time for a stash raid.

Till next time!

Monday, 9 April 2012

Oops I binged on Fabric

I did a deal with my boss, let me work on Sunday so I can take Easter Thursday off. Happily he said yes leaving me to take myself on a shopping trip to the lovely Fabric Store. What a heavenly place that is, I could just wander around in there just oohing and aahing at their wares. Makes it terribly hard to decide on anything though, but here is what I allowed to come home with me. 

First up is a Black & White leopard print in a lovely soft Rayon. This is going to be a Darling Ranges dress , Megan has a sew-along happening on her blog  at the moment which I was hoping to join in but I've been waiting a month for the pattern so I guess Mr Postman wanted it more than I did. Fingers crossed it gets here soon.

Next up is a stunning hot pink cotton which is from DKNY. It has a lovely soft drape to it. It's going to be combined with the taupe colored rayon for a self drafted color block type top. The rayon was picked up in the remnant bin for $9, has a lovely sheen to it and so soft and drapey you would swear it has silk in it. 

Next up is a cream & grey stripe knit which is from Marc Jacobs. 

This is going to be Top no. 4 from Drape Drape 2. I do love me some Japanese patterns, cant read most of what is in the books but the diagrams are clear enough. Here's what the pattern looks like, complete with my chicken scratch notes on it. I've traced it out on Swedish Tracing Paper.

I also brought a plain black rayon, no picture of it as black doesn't photograph that well and I figure that everyone knows what plain black fabric looks like. It's going to be transformed into the Rachel Comey top from Vogue 1247. I've already done a test run of it, just need to make a few small alterations.

To finish off my fabric shopping extravaganza, Spotlight sends me a message tempting me to spend there with a 40% discount on all fabric. Who I am to say no? So I picked up this lovely light polyester with a little birdy print on it, this is going to be some kind of blouse, not sure of the pattern yet but I'll probably Macgyver one up like I usually do. 

Last but not least, I spied some black faux leather sitting in the bottom of a rack. 

It has a cool almost ponti type knit on the reverse side so I'm hoping it should be easy enough to sew. I have this image saved as my inspiration, plain wool tee with leather sleeves.

So now I have no excuse to have "nothing to sew" so I best get cracking on it.

Till next time!