Sunday, 16 June 2013

Sewn: Grey Pants

Finally I was able to get some photos to show off the item that I have been most proud of so far on my sewing journey.

The pattern is Burda Magazine 11/2012 no. 107C. After making 2 muslins, I was pretty sure that the fit on these would be ok. I've read so much about how trouser fitting and sewing can be scary, I honestly didnt have too much of a hard time with these. I could probably still make some adjustment to them, the back waistband is a little too low and I guess that's an easy fix by adding in a wedge to the pattern at centre back seam.

Looking at the pictures now, I would probably also like to take some width out of the legs so they are more slim fitting. I think a combo of losing a little weight and the fabric has made them stretch out a bit. The fabric is a lovely cotton sateen which was courtesy of Spotlight. It comes in a lovely range of colors, I spied a lovely green in there but I would love to do these in a printed version.

I added a few more sewing skills in construction of these. I tackled faux welt pockets and zip fly, I think next time I would also like to add some belt loops.

This was supposed to be for the Burda Sew Along which ran for the month of May, better late than never I guess. Here's a sneaky close up of the scarf I wore, it's got little butterflies all over it.


  1. Great trousers! :-) I can totally see these in a printed version as well.

  2. You should definitely make a printed version, I bet they'd turn out lovely! You're so good at sewing in the zips in the front--the last time I tried sewing in a zip, I totally effed it up and misaligned the zips somehow (how stupid do you have to be to misalign the zips?!)..

  3. Yay for sewing trousers! Your faux welt pockets and zip fly look great. Trousers are in my too hard basket, but it's not a big deal as I don't really wear them anyway.

  4. I found your blog while looking for tips on sewing pants. Your look fabulous. Way better than anything I can accomplish!