Sunday, 4 November 2012

Shock horror, I worked from a pattern!

I'm not one for working from a pattern, as you might have guessed from previous posts. But I was cruising the op-shop in the hope of finding a white shirt to add into my wardrobe because they are such versatile little creatures. Instead I ventured into the sewing patterns basket, and found this treasure.

Ooh pretty 80's hair do! Not deterred by the dodgy front cover, I though this would be a perfect candidate for filling the wardrobe gap. A trip to Sir Spotlight and I came home with some lovely flowy Ivory rayon, is it just me or is Spotters getting just a touch groovier?

I am totally happy with the way this turned out! The fabric is light enough to wear in the steamy weather, and ticks all my boxes for what I want in a shirt.

Say hi to Sasha the Photo Bomber

It is a perfect match with my coral jeans, these babies are from Big W and I love them to death. Would wear them every day if I could get away with it.

I altered the pattern slightly after making a muslin. Took a little bit of width out of the sleeve cap as it was a tad too poofy, shortened the length by heaps, added roll sleeve tabs and a button fastening and also lowered the neckline.

I managed to tick a few more things off my "scaredy cat sewing" list. Buttonholes, Collars, french seaming on curves. Some things seem alot scarier just thinking about it, I just dive in and do it and it's hardly ever as bad as I thought it would be.

This one I have a feeling will be getting a repeat performance. 

In other news, I have signed myself up for a sewing class because I think I need a little help in some of the finer technical details of garment construction. I start next Saturday and I have a Burda skirt pattern to make up, also in material from the op-shop. I cant wait!

Till next time

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