Monday, 22 April 2013


So I have finally started on my pants making journey. Borrowed some Burda magazines from my local library and decided on this pattern. Lucky for me one of the other Burda mag's I borrowed had one of their Sewing Courses in it for pants that are very similar.

Get ready with your sunglasses.....

So I did a muslin first as all good girls should but the major mistake I made was to make it out of not stretch fabric. I was pretty smug with myself and thought the fit was pretty excellent so dove straight into the stretch muslin version. What I did not even consider was the difference between the two fabrics so this version is about 2 sizes too big.

Luckily the fabric was super cheap (almost free thanks to a  gift card from from Spotty) so I was happy just to go through the process of putting it all together. Plus (cue drumroll) I inserted a fly front zipper.

Standback and admire the awesomeness. All in all I didnt find the process too painful and these came together well. I have now traced off 2 sizes smaller and have that ready to go to be hopefully my final version which is going to be in a dark grey. 

By the by, Spotlight has some lovely quality cotton sateen at the moment in some really cool colors and I also managed to some some lovely Japanese stretch jersey from there too. Slowly there are getting better choices, who would have thought!


  1. That is one fierce front zipper- check your mad skills out! And I too have been fooled by the stretch sateen in the past- it's heart breaking!