Saturday, 2 June 2012

Such indecision.............

It has been quite a while since I sat down to sew anything and I miss it badly. With the high hopes of getting stuck into some sewing this weekend, I was looking for inspiration. I finally dragged my failed knit dress out of the Big W bag it's been residing in for the past month and this will be first on my list to finish off. It's now going to be a basic knit top, here's how it's looking after I hacked off the bottom.

Safe to say it's a bit of a mess right now, I need to finish the neckline, take in the baggy sleeves and finish off the bottom.I was happy with the actual design process, it has drop shoulder seams and some draping detail in the front. Turns out as a dress the draping detail made me look like Mrs Saggy Guts on steroids so it's new incarnation should be much better. Here's a close up of the shoulder seam and front panel detail, I kinda like it

This is the draping detail on the front. I think I will add a band to them bottom to finish it off.

Do you ever get a pattern and fabric and you're so in love with it, then totally change your mind about it? I was enamoured with the Darling Ranges pattern by Megan Neilsen and got some lovely black & white fabric to make it up in. Now the thought of it makes me cringe, I don't know what it is. Maybe I might shelf it for the warmer weather. 

I'm seriously thinking of using the fabric to make a tunic/shirt, after seeing this this version on Cirque Du Bebe's blog, this pattern is a strong contender. 

I also dove into my pattern stash and found a vintage lovely that may also fit the bill

Whaddya reckon? The vintage pattern has no buttons which is what I'm after, but I do like the Pussy Bow on the Pattern Runway blouse. Obviously more thought is required.

Then I spotted this gem from Kwik Sew

Aint she pretty! This is ideal for the Faux Leather sleeved top I was talking about in a previous post, might even use the version with the pockets to be super fancy.

Hope you're all being much more productive than I am.

Till next time!

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