Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Here's one I prepared earlier.....

Apologies in advance for the cheesy title - makes me think of an old school cooking show. Anyone remember Peter Russell Clark? No just me hey.....(silence). I'm sure you're not reading for some random chit chat about cooking, so onto the topic at hand which is one of my recent creations. 

I brought the Tiny Pocket Tank Pattern from Grainline a little while ago after seeing it on various blogs including Little Betty who has made several versions now. After making some adjustments such as a Full Bust Alteration and a Full Back Adjustment (not even sure if that's the proper name!) I was totally happy with the fit and thought the next step is a dress. So here she is (me and the dress)

Please excuse the 35 degree crazy lady hairdo. So alot of the adjustment were achieved thanks to Mr Google & Co, but basically I just lengthened the tank down to knee length and slightly flared it out to allow for some hip room. 

I added an elastic casing on the inside, first time doing it ad turned out fairly well. 
Did my standard french seams on the inside, 2 thumbs up to the genius who invented french seams!

So the whole thing was pretty easy to put together. Fabric is courtesy of Spotters, a lovely light cotton voile. I'm not usually a flowery type of person but this really caught my eye, plus the lines of flowers create stripes and well I'm a stripe addict. Already worn it a few times but now it will probably start migrating to the back of my closet for winter, alas poor dress I still love you!

On another note, has anyone heard about the Craft and Sewing Show which is getting around Australia? I've never heard of it before so I might have to get along to check it out.

Till next time!


  1. Cute dress. Love the colour. I'm a bit of a fan of stripes myself.

  2. Hey that dress is super cute! Welcome another Brissie blogger! I like your blog name too!

  3. Love the dress. How come I never find fabric like that at Spotlight? Glad to hear you're attempting the Darling Ranges dress as well. The order said to expect 2-3 weeks delivery: maybe mine came faster than normal?!

    Marina :)

  4. This dress is fabulous! And I agree with Marina, I never find fabric like that at Spotlight! x

  5. wow!! that dress is gorgeous!! the cut and the fabric is really lovely!!