Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hello and welcome to my little corner of the Blogosphere! I brought my first sewing machine about 2 years ago, only for taking up hems and alterations, one of the curses of being vertically challenged. Gradually I got more interested in construction of my own garments after getting so frustrated at what's available in retail stores, now it's become a real passion and a way to escape the boredom of being cooped up in an office all day. I mainly sew for myself but have done a few little side projects of home decor and quilts, I think I prefer making clothes.
Mother Nature has not played nice with our normally sunny and warm Brisbane, we've had really no summer here but regardless my focus of late has still been on light summer tops and dresses. I know before too long that I'll have to start thinking about constructing garments from more cool weather appropriate fabric, I am holding off as long as I can because I'm really not that experienced in these kind of clothes. Summer clothes is more my thing, all nice light floaty fabric in beautiful colors. So I still have an item or two in the planning/production stage that are Summer appropriate, hopefully these can layer up easily when the weather does turn cold.
So this weekend was spent drafting and sewing a summer top, based on the Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline which I absolutely am in love with! So far I've made a tank out of some light seer sucker and a dress from a coral voile. I wanted something with sleeves so nothing like giving yourself another challenge when you've never done sleeves ever! That little puppy will get a brand new post all of it's own, but for now here's a teaser of the fabric.

I brought it from the lovely Fabric Store in Brissy. I cant quite remember the fabric content, I thought it was Linen & Cotton but it is quite floaty, I sense there may be some silk or rayon in there as well. 

Till next time!

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  1. Ooh self drafted clothes. I'm hooked now.